Major Projects

Project #1: Moroni 10 – Basic HTML

Due Date: Friday, 10/6

The best way to learn HTML is to do HTML. So we’re going to jump right in. You need to download or copy the text of Moroni 10 here and create an HTML version. Your document should include at least:

    • two images
    • five links

When you have completed your page you will turn in the page URL to LearningSuite.

Project #2: Poems – HTML5 & CSS

Due Date: Friday, 10/20

Once again, the best way to learn CSS (and how CSS and HTML interact) is to do it. For this assignment you should use a linked CSS page (not inline). You may choose one of the following poems for this assignment:

Your page should make use of at least the following CSS tags:

    • fonts (sizes, styles, weights, colors, etc)
    • background colors

As before, your page should also include at least:

    • one image
    • five links


Project #3: Personal Portfolio

Due Date: December 20, 2023

A personal portfolio is a hand-picked showcase of projects and case studies that you chose to present your best and most promising work examples to potential employers (or clients). In most industries, portfolios are considered a point of introduction where you have your first opportunity to introduce yourself, your personality, your style, professionalism, and so on. Portfolios can include anything from live websites, course projects/papers, internship work products (with permission), etc. 

Why should everyone have a portfolio?

    • Reason #1: Online Portfolios Make You Searchable and Accessible To Clients
    • Reason #2: Online Portfolios Demonstrate Your Expertise
    • Reason #3: Employers/Clients Are Short on Time
    • Reason #4: Let Employer/Clients Get To Know You

You will be creating this portfolio as your final project for this class. However, just creating empty pages is not very interesting. Therefore, you will also need to curate your best work to present in your portfolio.

Your portfolio must include the following content:

    1. Splash/Introduction Page
    2. Biography Page (should include interests/passions)
    3. Resume (both online and PDF download)
    4. Work Samples Page
    5. Contact Page (including social media)

These five pages are the minimum number of pages you must have in order to get credit for the project. If your discipline/field requires additional information in a portfolio you are welcome to add pages. If your discipline/field requires different information in a portfolio, please consult with me and we will adjust things accordingly.

Remember that the web is a visual medium, therefore your portfolio should not only be pleasing to look at but should include visual elements (e.g., images, videos, etc.).

Your portfolio must use the following code/scripts:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • At least 1 JavaScript

You may use other coding languages if you would like, but that is not required. 

All code (with the exception of the JavaScript) must be original. While you may use other portfolio websites as exemplars, you may NOT use a pre-made template that you download or purchase.

Part 1: Landscape Analysis

Due Date: Friday, 11/10

You will choose at least five portfolio websites to analyze and document in a landscape analysis. (We will discuss the format for this assignment in class.) 

Part 2: Wireframes

Due Date: Friday, 11/27

You will create a wireframe for each page of your portfolio. You may create these wireframes in any software (e.g., Figma, Balsamiq, etc) or draw them by hand.

Part 3: Live Portfolio

Due Date: Wednesday, 12/20

Your portfolio should be live and accessible and the URL should be posted to the assignment in LearningSuite.